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Innovative projects in information systems

IoT solutions and cloud applications

Cloud platforms

We create CPS Platform as a universal solution for connecting various data sources (mobile and electronic devices). This platform is designed to relay data streams from millions of devices, and is able to effectively store and process the received data. We combined BigData and IoT solutions in one platform!
Our solution – a SaaS platform that can be used on any of cloud hosting.

Mobile applications

Cross-platform and native applications for Android, iOS, Windows. A full cycle of development and support: development of technical orders, development of design (UXUI), mocking-up, implementation of an application, allocation in app stores, support, addition of new functionality. Our designers and developers follow the latest guidelines of Google и Apple; we test the developed applications on devices with various characteristics and provide reliability and quality.

Intelligent systems and algorithms

Our company has long-term partnership relations with major universities and institutes of Russia (P.A. Solovyov RSATU, ISA RAS, and IPS RAS) and R&D-companies (“NPP SATEC plus”, NPP “Constructive”). It provides opportunities to implement complex developments in domain of video stream processing, data analysis algorithms, and intelligent control algorisms for autonomous systems

Embedded systems

Together with our partner, the “NPP SATEC plus” company, we develop electronic control and communication modules. A full cycle of development includes preparation of technical orders, design drafting (circuits, PC board layout), weaving for microcontrollers, software prototyping and verifying, small-run production of electronic packages.