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Embedded systems

Control system "Ignits"

– To organize pilot-scale production on the local site in Rybinsk a workshop has been put into place for processing of carbonaceous materials.

– In view of need to maintain rigidly defined temperatures in the processing chambers during 48 hours and more automation of the workshop became necessary.

– Specialists of LLC “NPP SATEC plus” as a chief contractor were involved in development of software documentation for automation system, selection of equipment, development of software, in setting it up onsite and commissioning support.

Small-size temperature gage with a radio channel

JSC “Yaroslavl Broiler” is one of the biggest poultry farms in the Yaroslavl region. It is located in Oktyabrsky settlement in 16 km from Rybinsk and in 68 km from the regional center Yaroslavl.

In the course of re-equipment of the product line the temperature control of processed products along the conveyer became necessary. The task was complicated because of the temperature range up to -30ºC and processing machinery.

Specialists of LLC “NPP SATEC plus” as a chief contractor were involved in development of a small-size two-channel temperature gage with independent power supply and a radio channel.

Data monitoring of Electro-net of Rybinsk Urban Electric Network electro-net

JSC “Rybinsk Urban Electric Network” is the local service company maintaining power supply networks and having over 111.7 thousand users (1.7 thousand users are from the industrial sector), 12 region electric power substations, 399 distributing points and transforming stations.

In the framework of the project on substation modernization the task of remote dispatching of the equipment became necessary.

Specialists of LLC “NPP SATEC plus” completed development of a standard project of a dispatching system, selected equipment, developed software, supported commissioning and customer’s personnel training.

Project "RZP Crystals"

– LLC “Rybinsk instrument making plant” (“RZP”) carries out repair of equipment being currently in the inventory of the Russian armed forces, executes State Defense Order, and produces a wide range of civilian goods.

– One of the latest investment projects of the company was the project on making plants for growing sapphire single crystals by Kyropoulos method. In the course of modernization of the existing model of the plant the task of increasing quality of the growing sapphires and that of the process automation degree.

– Specialists of LLC “NPP SATEC plus” were involved in design engineering for the new plant control system.

Project "PolyJoysticks"

– LLC “NPP Tenzosensor” is an innovative company and the Skolkovo resident. Currently the main achievement of the company is a new technology which allowed creating such innovative products as a polymorphous switch and a PolyJoystick.

– A PolyJoystick consists of an elastic component with piezoresistive coating and a MCU card. Operating principle is based on changing of electrical resistance of polymeric resistive film due to elastic strain. The advantages of PS are versatility, re-programmability, simple design, simplicity of production process, and low material capacity. Besides, the PS itself is compacter and lighter comparing to analogs, it is ergonomic and noiseless, and is able to operate in vacuum and there is no need in any modifications to use it in any of possible areas of application.

Remote display RTU-1

Development of hardware and software for LED-displays and software for the server forwarding information on the display.

The result is the technical project on the system and cost estimation of the equipment, as well the prototype of an electronic LED-display with a GPS communication channel with a server and a prototype of server software for trolleybus movement coordinate collecting.

Mobile robot АМР-1

– Specialists of LLC “NPP SATEC plus” completed design of a platform control system, introduced design changes, developed electronic modules to control prop and steering engines, developed the system software allowing to generate engineering applications for off-line and remote platform control.

– As a demo app a web-application has been developed allowing to control a platform via Internet and to perform video monitoring from the cameras installed on the platform.

Project "Landing lights"

– The distinctive feature of the developed light signaling equipment is application of efficient LED light sources (consumption of one light should not exceed 6W with luminous intensity of 20Сd), possibility to operate from independent power supplies, a wide operating temperature range (-40+40), possibility to control equipment both via cables and a radio channel, possibility to exercise control from the operator’s work station (via special software), as well as via remote control panel.