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iComfo the platform of IoT

Implementing the basic mission of the company our specialists create an innovative platform to develop solutions in the area of IoT. Our platform is called iComfo. This name fully corresponds to the mission of our company to improve living standards through the use of advanced technologies.

The main idea of our solution is the real-time integration of services of interacting devices and the services allowing analyzing the collected data. The platform is designed to simplify development and to improve reliability of new products in the area of IoT. The platform is based on a set of concepts that can be operated by the developer through effective implementation of concepts in the API form. Our team is focused on constant expansion of functionality of the platform.

The platform is based on modern scalable data storage technologies and service request processing. We try not use the proprietary software and base only on open-source developments, which increase both the service level and stability of our project.

CarComfo service

The CarComfo service is a scalable cloud SaaS-сервис in the area of motor transport, based on the CarComfo platform. The service implements the ConnectedCar concept in full extent and allows implementing products both for B2C and for B2B market segments. The service adds to the ontology of the platform the object-oriented concepts relating to the sphere transport automation, tracking, fleet management, usage-based insurance, logistic products etc. New concepts are effectively supported by the specialized API, which together with a general API iComfo will allow us to launch new products on the market more rapidly.